Pilar Wayne
Let me introduce myself:

I was born María del Pilar Pallete Alvarado in 1928. A Peruvian actress and the widow of American actor John Wayne. These days I am a fulltime passionate painter.

Marriage to John Wayne (DUKE)

In 1953, I travelled to Los Angeles, California to dub in English for my character in ‘Sabotear en la selva’. It was there where I met John Wayne AKA Duke for the second time and began a passionate relationship with him. A year later, we married on November 1, 1954, in Kona, Hawaii.

Children with John Wayne

We had three children, Aissa (born March 31, 1956), Ethan (February 22, 1962), and Marisa (February 22, 1966). Throughout their relationship, they travelled all over the world, mostly to places where Duke had been shooting at the time. Eventually, in 1965, we moved the family to Newport Beach, California. That’s where I have been ever since! And Painting is still my passion!